This October, Portland joins other cities in Oregon - throughout the Pacific Northwest - across the US - and around the world - to commemorate World Food Day 2013.

BEES + SEEDS - World Food Day PDX

A family friendly, event that celebrates pollinators, seeds, farmers and the healthy local foods that nourish us. The event particularly honors and offers respect to pollinators and seeds. Without our pollinators and diversity of seeds, we couldn't eat the wide variety of fruits and vegetables we all enjoy. We also salute seed savers, who preserve our biological and cultural heritage.

The event will feature classes on bee keeping, gardening, foraging, a kids corner focusing on bee activities, a seed exchange, live entertainment provided by the Quadraphonnes, and special guest speakers include George Kimbrell, of Center for Food Safety Julia DeGraw, of Food and Water Watch, and Ed Edmo the Shoshone Bannock Storyteller. Bees and Seeds will also debut the first ever Inconvenience Store.

World Food Day

BEES + SEEDS celebrates small family farmers and community-based agriculture that sustains more than 80% of people around the world. The event will dispel myths perpetuated by the biotech industry that we need genetically modified crops and industrialized food systems to feed the world.

The Right to Know

October is Non-GMO month and BEES + SEEDS supports efforts to label foods that contain GMOs because consumers demand a right to know what they buy and eat.

Global Seed Freedom  

The first two weeks in October have been dedicated as a global "Seed Satyagraha" to organise and concentrate our energies to liberate our seeds and our food. October 2nd is Ghandi's birthday. Gandhi left us the legacy of "Swaraj"- self-organised freedom and "Satyagraha"- the force of truth.

Note from the event organizers

Bees + Seeds takes place on the same day that many cities around the world will be marching against Monsanto. Portland organizers support a day of shared education and local action in solidarity with this global culmination of events.

In the spring, we marched to demonstrate what we were against: biotech's refusal to label GMOs, the effort to control the seed supply using patent law, and the increasing use of unhealthy pesticides that industrial agriculture dictates.

This fall we'll demonstrate what we are for: local, sustainable, pesticide-free agriculture, farmworkers' rights, seed freedom, and biodiversity. See you there!